Mission Statement

It is our mission to conduct in-depth research on the history of the Old and New Croton Aqueduct Systems and document the structures, both existing and demolished, affiliated with those systems in order to create a holistic interpretation plan.  Once documented we will determine which built elements are assets crucial to exploring both the historical and contemporary contexts surrounding the Aqueduct and to establishing periods of significance. By exploring the Aqueduct through varying lenses of significance, we will develop a complete study of the Croton system’s relevance today.  We will then use our data and analysis as the basis for devising interpretive strategies, aimed at a wide variety of audiences, designed to raise awareness of the crucial role of the Aqueduct in the development, past and present, of New York City and its environs. These strategies will complement and augment already existing interpretation of the Croton system in order to create an all-encompassing approach. More generally, we hope to develop strategies and compose a charter or declaration that will serve as a model for the interpretation and preservation of historic infrastructure elsewhere.


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