Central Park Keeper’s House

Structure/Property Name (Current and Original, if Different): Keeper’s House

Street Address/Location: 86th Street and Transverse Road, Central Park

Town/City: New York

County: New York



Architect/Engineer/Other Responsible Parties: unknown, possible outside architect

Historic Use: Allows for a keeper to watch over the two reservoirs located in Central Park

Present Use:

Typology: Keeper’s House

Architectural Style: Gothic

Period(s) of Construction: 1866/67

Date of Decommissioning:

Date(s) of Demolition: 1935

Structural System/Materials:

Significant Alterations:

Brief Architectural Description: 3-story gothic style stone house, complete with half wrap around porch, two chimneys,

Brief Statement of Historic Significance: Keeper’s houses were an integral part to the Croton System, allowing for a night and day watchman to safeguard various areas of the system.


Accessibility to Public: n/a

Landmark Status: n/a

Threats: n/a

Current Interpretation: n/a


Multiple deaths, primarily suicides, have been associated with the aqueduct keepers through the 19th century. They included, Oliver Perry Lewis, Ethel Reiss, and keeper Ralph Ellis’s son





Andrew Maziarski


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