Oral Histories

Take a field trip and see all that Croton has to offer! Spring is in full bloom and what better way to enjoy the sunshine than by walking along the Aqueduct Trail? Carl Oechsner tells a bit about guiding visitors:

Mr. O is back! The latest dose of Carl Oechsner is up and running. Tune in for a few minutes to hear about hiking, teaching and how tours of the Waterworks differ from those at the Met.

Thirsty for more? Our oral history video was such a hit that we decided to post a second installment. Listen to Tatum Taylor’s interview with Captain Scott Craven of the Ossining Police Department. An Ossining native, Captain Craven tells what it was like growing up near the aqueduct and the challenges he faces enforcing the law in and around the waterworks system today.

Need to spice up your routine? Then sit down with Carl Oechsner for a chat. Carl is a long-time Croton resident, former social studies teacher and a Croton Waterworks guru. Grab a snack and spend a few minutes with Carl and our oral history expert, Tatum Taylor.


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