Croton Falls Diverting Dam and Reservoir

Location:  Croton Watershed


Historic Use:  Dam and reservoir for the Croton System 

Present Use:  Same

Typology:  Dam/Reservoir

Period(s) of Construction:  1906-1911

Date of Decommissioning:    N/A

Date(s) of Demolition:  N/A

Structural System/Materials:  Earthen Embankment with masonry core wall; 1185 feet long, 40 feet high


“The Croton Falls Reservoir is actually fed by three sources.  It is located near the confluences of the West, Middle, and East Branches of the Croton River, just north of the town of Croton Falls.  The largest part of the reservoir system, formed by the Hemlock Dam, is located on the West Branch and the Middle Branch.  The water on the Middle Branch backs all the way to the toe of the Middle Branch Dam, a structure further upstream that had  been completed only eighteen years earlier.  On the eastern side of the Croton Falls Reservoir is a small body of water whose dam was built primarily for the purposes of diverting the water of the East Branch River to the main Croton Falls Dam.  The eastern basin is connected through the intervening hill by a 3500-foot-long paved open-air channel … The structure is cyclopean masonry, and was the only dam in the Croton group to use steel-reinforced concrete in the construction.  The diverting dam on the East Branch is a low earthen embankment 1,185 feet long, and the spillway is a beautiful stepped concrete channel 1,100 feet long” (Water-works, 100).


Kevin Bone, “The Extension of the Croton System,”  Water-works:  The Architecture and Engineering of the New York City Water Supply, Kevin Bone, ed. (New York:  The Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture of the Cooper Union and The Monacelli Press, 2006)


Jørgen G. Cleemann


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