Croton Fountain

Street Address/Location:  City Hall Park

Town/City:  Manhattan

County:  New York

Owner:  n/a


Architect/Engineer/Other Responsible Parties:  n/a

Historic Use: Celebratory fountain for the Old Croton Aqueduct

Present Use: n/a

Typology: Fountain

Architectural Style:  unknown

Period(s) of Construction: 1842

Date of Decommissioning: 1870

Date(s) of Demolition:  1870

Structural System/Materials:  Stone, iron

Significant Alterations: Replaced with a fountain by Jacob Wrey Mould, which was installed in City Hall Park in 1871


Brief Architectural Description: The Croton fountain consisted of a circular stone basin one hundred feet in diameter, with a central spout that could shoot water fifty feet into the air and twenty-four subordinate spouts whose direction could be adjusted.


Brief Statement of Historic Significance: The fountains built to celebrate the opening of the Old Croton Aqueduct were some of the most visible elements of the aqueduct for the public, and were very important symbols of the infrastructure system.



Accessibility to Public: n/a

Landmark Status: n/a

Threats: n/a

Current Interpretation: The NYCDPR has installed a stone on the ground marking the spot where the fountain stood and giving a brief history of the Old Croton Aqueduct.


Becca Salgado


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